Thumper percussion massagers relax muscles and joints, improve circulation, and enhance your overal level of health and wellness

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Everyone Benefits from Massage...



"We all need to be Kneaded!" 



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   Massage is always helpful if it is done in a way that is appropriate for that particular individual. The reason we say that is because massage enhances two of the main functions of the body, which are the delivery of nutrients to the trillions of cells in the body, and the elimination of waste products from the trillions of cells in the body. The blood and lymph fluid systems facilitate this crucial delivery and elimination activity, upon which all of life depends. Massage aids this process by dilating blood vessels and relaxing muscles, which improves the flow of life-giving blood, and the flow of cleansing lymph fluids throughout the body.

   As a result, many good things start to happen. "Fatigue" products like lactic acid and other harmful deposits are eliminated from the muscles and joints. Recovery time is dramatically reduced. Inflammation and swelling can be lessened. The body is more limber and supple. Muscle tone is improved because of better nutrient delivery. The nervous system is relaxed. And for people or animals that are forced to remain inactive because of injury, illness or age, massage can be a mild form of exercise for their muscles and joints.

    This all happens because of better nutrient delivery and better waste elimination from all the cells of the body. 

The Major Benefits of

Professional Percussion Massage

Through the use of

Thumper Deep Muscle Massagers...


1) A full body massage with a Thumper Professional Massager takes only 5-15 minutes and provides wonderful health and well-being benefits. The Thumper massager goes after muscle tension with a direct drive percussive stroke that travels directly into your muscles. The patented 'tapotement' action presses in and out with a percussion motion, while other machines usually rub the skin by vibrating side to side. 


2) Massage speeds up recuperation time dramatically, reducing recovery time to about half the normal time.


3) Massage promotes flexibility, enhances circulation and relaxes the nervous system.


4) Relaxes tight muscles and joints to leave them supple and comfortable. 


5) Percussion massage improves the three main body functions, which are: blood flow, lymph flow, and nerve supply throughout the body.


6) Enhanced nutrient absorption and cleansing of cells and tissues throughout the body.


7) Massage helps to flush out toxins and irritants from the muscles and joints leaving the body limber and pain-free.


8) Relaxes the mind and the body, and just feels wonderful!


9) Improves sleep patterns.


10) Promotes better overall function of the glands, organs, muscles and joints.


11) The Thumper massagers are the first choice for professionals worldwide, and offer a two year commercial and/or residential warranty.


12) The Thumper massagers have been hand-made in Toronto for over 30 years. There are five uniquely different Thumper models to choose from for your particular needs. For outstanding results from your Thumper massager, use daily in conjunction with a Softub Therapy Spa.


BONUS: Great benefits on a long-term basis, with only a small investment. A package of three Professional Thumper Massagers for about $1,000 would give you the ideal massage benefit, and over a 20 year period is less than 14 cents a day! 




 How to get the best massage:


* Use for one minute or less in each area you are  massaging. (Repeat if desired) Can be used longer on the feet.

* Do not use on the bones.

* If you are sensitive, take weight off, and/or put a cushion between you and the massager.

*Do not use the massagers in an area that causes discomfort. You should always be relaxed and comfortable.

* Do not apply extra pressure to the unit.

* Unplug massager when not in use.



Congratulations on putting your health first!


Thumper Massagers...
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After 44 Years!

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