Thumper percussion massagers relax muscles and joints, improve circulation, and enhance your overal level of health and wellness

Professional Deep Muscle Massagers


Thumper Massager - A Canadian Success Story for over 40 Years!

Since 1974, Thumper Massagers have been used by more professionals in more countries around the world than any other massager. From doctors to massage therapists, from chiropractors to veterinarians, from physiotherapists to nurses, and from conditioning coaches and fitness trainers to professional more

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We are proud members of our two local Chamber's of Commerce, and we have been a member of the BBB since 1995. 


Each Thumper model offers unique and special features. When they are used together as a team, they all complement each other to offer the optimum in massage therapy benefits. If you use all the Thumper models in your fitness and wellness program, you will receive the optimum health benefit from each one. This is why people, whether in home or in professional use enjoy using the entire Thumper team.




   Legge Fitness Superstores is an Authorized Dealer for

Thumper Massager, and they have built this website for

the sole purpose of promoting the Thumper family of

massagers to the Canadian market. They are a second

generation family owned and operated business, and

they have been in business for over 30 years.

   The Legge family has been working with the Thumper

product for about 20 years, and their expertise has 

given them a position on the Thumper Massager

Advisory Board.

   Come to one of their stores to see all 6 Thumper

models on display, and to receive specialized training on

how to use the Thumpers for your particular needs. You can also view the informative application feature videos.

   They strongly believe in the healing benefits of percussion massage to compliment your exercise regime. The Thumper brand is the only massage product they endorse, and feel very fortunate to be part of the Thumper story

   The Thumper product is MADE IN CANADA, built to last, and engineered to bring results. Happy Massaging!


Thumper Massagers...
Still Meticulously

After 44 Years!

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Manufacturer's Message of Support and Recommendation

   "Thumper products are trusted and reliable and are chosen by professionals and the schools that train them. Thumper Massager Inc. and Legge Fitness Superstores have been conducting business together since 1998. During these 21 years a very solid business relationship has developed, but more importantly a friendship based on trust and integrity has developed.

   Legge Fitness Stores are experts and provide their communities with excellent service. The staff is knowledgeable on our Thumper massage equipment and is able to educate the customer on the use of the products to ensure that they receive the most from their purchase.

   Not only is Legge Fitness a Thumper dealer, they are also a valuable member of the Thumper Advisory Council. This council is instrumental at insuring customers continue to receive products that are reliable and effective.

   Thumper looks forward to many future years of working together."

- Ines Sajgalik (President of Thumper Massager Inc.) 

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Legge Fitness Superstores is An Authorized Canadian Distributor for Thumper Massagers Complete Product Line!


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